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During the visit
How can my eyes be tested at home?
History and symptoms
The test starts with a chat to understand any visual issues or eye related concerns you may have. For patients with low or no communication information may be given by carers or relatives. Huw will also assess the condition of your current spectacles as well as checking the prescription and lens type.

This gives a close approximation of the prescription needed. In the case of individuals who cannot communicate this may be the final prescription given. Retinoscopy is accurate to within 0.5DS, for someone who is -3.00DS giving them a lens of -2.50DS to -3.50DS is far better than no correction.
This is where the retinoscopy result is refined, and the final vision is measured using our custom designed portable test chart. In the case of individuals who cannot communicate the vision will be estimated based on the health of the eye and the retinoscopy result.

Using an Ophthalmoscope a visual assessment of the health of the eye is done. This allows detection of any eye disease such as cataract, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and many more besides. No communication is required for this essential health check.
Pressure check
The final check is to measure the pressures which can be an indication of glaucoma. This is done with an iCare tonometer. It doesn't blow air at the eye like the machines commonly used in practice but performs the same function with only a slight sensation.

Once done
Once all the tests are complete a further discussion will take place to go through all the findings and may include suggestions on updating spectacles, improved lighting or magnifiers. A report will be filled in by Huw so that there is a written record including prescription, type of spectacles recommended and the level of vision achieved.
Should new spectacles be required we have a large range to choose from suiting every budget. If you are entitled to an NHS voucher this can be used towards your new spectacles. In the unlikley event that you cannot find anything you like simply use the report we leave to get your spectacles made up from your choice of provider.

We offer a full eye test at home with spectacles delivered and fitted in the comfort of your own home.
We also provide an aftercare service for adjustments and repairs.
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